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Welcome to the Silver Lining Abstracts: An Adult Coloring Book of Art and Illusions giveaway!

When I was a child I used to color all the time. We all did. I had lots of coloring books and crayons! And when my kids were young they always seemed to enjoy coloring, too. So why did we stop doing what we loved? I am so excited about the new coloring books being created for adults and am really enjoying the creative process again!

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Some coloring books are exquisitely intricate. It can take a very long time to complete one of these design pages and sometimes I want to color but I get frustrated when I just don’t have the time to finish one right away. I am not the least bit artistically inclined but it always brings peace and joy to create something beautiful. So I was very happy to review the Silver Linings Abstracts: An Adult Coloring Book of Art and Illusions by Angela Covany and published by Blue Star Coloring.

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This coloring book contains 30 bold abstract designs ranging from simple to complex. You can easily find a page to finish in one sitting or one to plan out and create as a longer-term project. The pages are not perforated but can be removed with an X-Acto knife and you should put a piece of paper between the pages if you are going to color with markers in the book just in case of bleed-through.

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One lucky reader of The Homespun Chics will win their very own copy of Silver Linings Abstracts: An Adult Coloring Book of Art and Illusions, a $9.99 value!

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Contest is open to US 18+ and will end on July 13, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after we email them, or a new winner will be chosen. Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. Enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form below.

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Silver Lining Abstracts: An Adult Coloring Book Giveaway — 73 Comments

  1. I must say I have not colored since I was a child but my sister in law has started doing this as a stress reliever so would love to win for her

  2. My daughter really enjoys the odd shapes all put together when my daughter-in-law like famous photos and marine life scenes.

  3. For relaxation I love simple abstract designs to color!! They are way fun and don’t take tons of concentration!!

  4. I like to color abstract designs, rather than things such as animals or nature scenes. I’ve found that with the latter, I have a set image in my mind of what colors the images are “supposed” to be. With abstract designs, I feel more free to do as I please.

  5. I havent colored for years but if this does help with stress im willing to give it a try

  6. I really love over lapped circles so that i can practice color blending, i have not colored in a while so i am excited to try it!

  7. I like coloring abstract patterns. You really can’t make a mistake or screw it up, so it’s extra relaxing to me!

  8. I like to color abstract patterns the most. There’s something about them that’s super relaxing!

  9. I like to color various designs and patterns. Not so much pictures of actual things.

  10. Silver Lining Abstracts was a lot of fun to create. I wanted to provide variety. There are flowers, patterns, animals, insects, abstracts and conceptual abstracts. I wanted to create a book that would provide an exciting experience for the colorist in all of us.
    Thank you for all the kind comments. Good luck and enjoy.

  11. I haven’t colored in a long time, but would love to start. I’d like flowers or dogs.

  12. I love adult coloring books! I was in a pretty bad car accident a few years ago and have a lot of back problems now. There are some days when there isnt much I can do and I spend a lot of time. Coloring gives me something to do and helps take my mind of the pain when its really bad. I like pretty designs but nothing to complicated, for most of the time. Sometimes I will do more intricate designs but not for most of the time

  13. I just started coloring 2 months ago and enjoy a wide array of designs. I started with mandalas, went to fairy and fun animals, to crazy haired ladies (which I love), to trying just about everything now. I am addicted big time because it is soooo relaxing and inexpensive to boot! I have other books but not this one yet. Would love to try abstracts!!!

  14. I like flowers and simple designs. Too complex amd it takes forever which adds stress.

  15. I prefer to color abstracts and paisley designs. Hope you are having a great week!

  16. This one kinda reminds me of the old school paint drawing lines and coloring them in LOL I like to color flowers now!