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Sarah /sɛərə/: noun

1.  A quirky female with a serious obsession for cats, crafts, kids, and cooking.

Hi and welcome to our blog! My name is Sarah. I’m a mother, wife, pet fanatic, and full-time office manager at an organic farm! I am a homebody at heart and spend what little free time I have getting seriously carried away with craft projects, family event planning, and convincing my dear husband that we need more animals in the house. I have also been playing violin most of my life and am very fortunate to be performing year-round with a group of very talented musicians in our community orchestra here in town.

My son, “Little G,” is a little over two years old and he is proving to be an amazing toddler (surprisingly unlike theTerrible Two’s I’ve been warned about… but time will tell, I’m sure). He loves all things Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, and recently, Puffin Rock. His current hobbies are jumping!, riding his Strider bike, playing “baseball,” and harassing our animals to no end. Little G is learning a lot at his fantastic preschool in town and is constantly singing songs, counting and saying his alphabet. We have a lot of fun and I hope to share our adventures as we go along.

My husband, Jonathan, is an amazing partner. He does more than his fair share in our family all while excelling at his full-time job. Since buying our grill last year, he has been mastering the flames, which means I am asking him to grill absolutely everything… corn, steak, chicken, zucchini, pineapple… Everything tastes better grilled! He is also the primary house cleaner (because Little G and I are slobs) and is currently taking over our evening duties by cooking dinner (grilled chicken, anyone?) and wrangling the toddler tot so I can plop on the couch and write this post! He is amazing. Jonathan has a bucket list of DIY’s that he hopes we can tackle and I hope to share stories of our victories (or failures)!

To end this post, I’ll stop by saying my mom and I are the bestest of friends and we are so excited to share all of our findings, recipes, and adventures with you!

Thank you for stopping by! Talk to you soon!




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  1. Hello Joanne & Sarah! Love your blog! As I have been fortunate enough to eat Joanne’s cooking, I’m looking forward to your recipes and other Homespun ideas!