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Welcome to the Hello Beautiful giveaway!

One winner will receive both of these lovely prizes! RV $45

Enter daily to increase your chances of winning!

Jet Setter Tray ‘Hello Beautiful’ by Rosanna Inc. ($22.00)

Hello 8.8 ml Tall Spray by Harvey Prince Organics ($23.00)

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Hello Beautiful Giveaway! Ends 5/24 — 112 Comments

  1. I use to wear scents all the time, now I just wear them on special occasions.
    Thank you!

  2. I used to wear them regularly but I work in a nursery now and can’t. Too many bees! I do wear them when I’m not working.

  3. I always wear perfumes mainly because they make you smell so good and fresh!!

  4. I always wear fragrance. Going out, at home, even spray on a bit before bed. It’s part of who I am. I would be lost without my fragrance collection!

  5. I wear them any time i go somewhere. If its just a lazy day at home I might not put any on.

  6. Just when I plan on going out. I don’t wear any when going to the movies as it may bother someone.

  7. I usually just wear them for special occasions, but sometimes, a special occasion is also just sitting around and doing absolutely nothing!

  8. I wear scents regularly but I do have everyday scents and special occasion ones.

  9. I wear body spray daily and perfume on special occasions because it’s more expensive.

  10. I enjoy wearing perfume or body sprays every day, even if I don’t leave the house. It makes me feel good and the scents are enjoyable.

  11. I wear perfume everyday. You never know who you might run into! lol.

  12. I mostly wear it everyday but with everything else in my grooming routine, it often gets skipped by accident. I do feel more “finished” when I remember to wear it though—like it’s the last part of my outfit.

  13. I wear perfume usually on special occasions. My husband is a pain. He doesn’t like fragrances, so I’m still looking for one we both like.

  14. I don’t use scents daily but I use more often than just special occasions.

  15. I usually wear scents when I go out. I normally just spritz myself with a body spray if I’m just running out to get something.

  16. If I am doing more than just running out the door to the store or over to bff’s I will put on a scent.

  17. I wear scents regularly. Depending on my mood, I go between a few different scents.

  18. I wear scents almost every day. But then, I’m retired so, do so when the spirit moves:-)!

  19. I don’t always wear a scent but depending on the occasion I will and sometimes because I just feel like it:)

  20. I wear them most of the time when I am going out but not just around the house!

  21. Both, smelling good is good!!! Always running out, so this would be great!!!

  22. I wear a light scent if I’m going out. And, sometimes just for my husband, when we have a night at home. He loves perfume more than I do. 🙂

  23. I used to never wear them until I found a perfume that my fiance loves, now I wear it daily

  24. I wear scents regularly, unless I’m going to be outside gardening or doing yard work. Bee’s love perfume.

  25. I wear fragrance daily. Usually a body mist for everyday and an EDP when I get dressed up to go out.

  26. I wear scents daily. But I am funny about what scents I wear. I can’t wear a scent that I can smell on me.

  27. I wear scents but not all the time. Just at times when I am going out but sometimes when I just feel like it.

  28. I wear scents on special occasions only… maybe if I found the right scent 🙂

  29. i used to wear it everyday for work. But since I’ve retired, I usually apply just when we go out.

  30. I wear a lighter fruity sent for every day and something a little more heavy on special occasions.

  31. I know this will sound crazy but, it depends on the time of year.
    During my busy season (tax season) when I am in the office every day .. I wear different scents every day. But after that it depends on my mood and where I will be on any given day. I always seem to have at least a small spray in my purse “just in case”

  32. I work with people, so I only wear scents on special occasions, so I don’t disturb anyone’s allergies

  33. I wear scents all the time. My all time favorites are Ciara and White Shoulders.