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Welcome to the Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop! Today we are giving our readers the opportunity to win a wonderful Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest postcard book with 20 detachable postcards you can color and send, plus a Capsule Mini Color 12 colored pencils set to enable your coloring addiction!



Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest Postcard Book:  $9.95

 “I create intricate, hand drawn illustrations predominately, although not exclusively, in black and white. My creativity is cultivated by a curious imagination and a delight in the fantastic. Much of my work has roots in the flora and fauna that surrounded me growing up on my parent’s fish farm in rural Scotland.” – Johanna Basford

Giveaway! Postcard Book and Mini Colored Pencils - The Homespun Chics

Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest Postcard 2 - The Homespun Chics

Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest Postcard - The Homespun Chics

Johanna Basford Postcard (Back) - The Homespun Chics

Capsule Mini Color 12 Colored Pencils Set:  $5.95

A capsule set of 12 mini colored pencils a little over an inch long, very cute and full of color! These are great to carry with you to work on your postcards anywhere!

Capsule Mini Color 12 Colored Pencils Set - The Homespun Chics
Capsule Mini Color 12 (size of a nickel!) - The Homespun Chics
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Enchanted Forest Postcard Book & Colored Pencils Giveaway — 192 Comments

  1. I like to use colored pencils to color with. I do like adult coloring books. I still have two that I bought in the late ’80s, I think, when they first came out.

  2. I prefer colored pencils but usually use crayons since my kids lose all the color pencils usually. I am interested in adult coloring.

  3. I love coloring! I use all three depending on how intricate the design is that I am working on.

  4. I usually color with kids in their coloring books lol I prefer to use pencils but will use whatever is available (usually half eaten crayons)

  5. I am interested in adult coloring. I have used felt tip markers, colored pencils and gel pens, but find gel pens to be my favorite.

  6. I love coloring adult coloring books. I have several and really enjoy the relaxation it brings me. I use both, pencils and markers (fineliners). I like using them both equally, just depends on the picture I’m coloring.

  7. I usually use colored pencils…and YES, I love coloring! Adult coloring books are such a GREAT idea! It completely relaxes me.

  8. I use colored pencils, and while I don’t color as often as I’d like, it is quite fun! (Despite being an “adult”. ;)) Thos cards are absolutely GORGEOUS! 🙂

  9. I like to use crayons and colored pencils. I love to color with the kids and would love to have an adult coloring book. I do find it relaxing and that is always needed.

  10. It looks like a relaxing activity and I’d love to try it. I like using good quality colored pencils.

  11. Adult Coloring definitely interests me. My favorite coloring tools to use are pastels & colored pencils. I love the different textures that pastels offer and the preciseness of colored pencils. I love to color!

  12. It really depends what I am coloring what I prefer to use. If it is something with small areas, I like colored pencils or fine tip markers. If the areas are larger, I prefer crayons. Adult coloring does interest me.

  13. I use colored pencils when coloring, I feel that they definitely give the most accurate and the prettiest results. 🙂

  14. My daughter is a graphic design artist. I would get this for her for her birthday next month. She loves to draw and color.

  15. I absolutely love the adult coloring books that are being sold now! I have an app on my phone called Colorfy but it is not the same as working with pencils, markers, etc. and having a tangible product at the end. I prefer pencils because I like to play with color blending and shading. BTW this book looks awesome. I’d get alot of relaxing me time with it. 🙂

  16. I usually use colored pencils when I draw and color in something. I have never done an adult coloring book before though. So, thank you for the opportunity to see what it’s all about.

  17. I like to color with colored pencils, I love that you can get different colors out of the same pencil by choosing how hard you press and I love that they can blend well together! I love adult coloring books! I am currently working on a huge (in length x width) adult coloring book!

  18. I still love to use Crayola Crayons and color in children’s coloring books for relaxation. Would love to have something geared to adults.

  19. I do enjoy coloring, and I’m glad that coloring books for grownups are popular right now, as it means I have lots more to choose from than I did a few years ago. I mostly color using colored pencils.

  20. Thanks for the giveaway! I like to color with colored pencils or crayons and yes I love to color. 🙂

  21. I have markers but prefer the colored pencils. The markers I have leave a trail, so I feel like I have to keep going over the color to make the lines go away. Pencils I feel I can control better.

  22. I love to color, but I haven’t in a long time. I love crayons, colored pencils… anything. It is just a peaceful thing to do. I did find an app called Colorfi that is alright but it just isn’t the same thing!

  23. Ive been coloring for a few months now. I use colored pencils because I need the skinny tip.

  24. I use colored pencils. I think the adult books are great stress relievers.
    Thanks for the chance.

  25. Adult coloring interests me, but I haven’t done it. I feel like I would like using colored pencils best!

  26. I prefer colored pencils because it comes out neater in my opinion. Adult coloring helps me get rid of my stress and actually calms me down.

  27. Yes, I love adult coloring books! Right now, I’m actually working on the Enchanted Forest coloring book, and I’m using my Prismacolor colored pencils. I had no idea this book was made into a postcard book, but it looks awesome!

  28. I prefer colored pencils for shading. I love the idea of adult coloring books, it’s very relaxing.

  29. I like coloring but am picky about the books I choose. I use coloring pencils only, but that is because I have not gotten a chance yet to buy gel pens.

  30. I like the colored pencils, they are easier to color with by keeping the colors fairly even. I have never colored an adult coloring book. My oldest granddaughter has them and they are really nice and they come out so pretty.

  31. I usually use crayons because that’s the 3 year-old’s method for coloring 🙂 I’d love to have my own grown-up book to do alongside him!

  32. Coloring as an adult is so fun! My favorite thing to color with is colored pencils.

  33. They now have crayon pencils out so I use those to color. I also used colored pencils. Yes I do like adult coloring 🙂

  34. I love using colored pencils! I actually miss coloring, I should go back to it.

  35. I’ve mostly used crayons but I think colored pencils would be great to try. And yes I do like adult coloring

  36. I love using colored pencils because I think it’s easier to do detail work, I color with my kids all the time, who doesn’t love to color!

  37. I’ve just gotten into the adult coloring books. I absolutely love it! It’s so fun and relaxing. I’ve just been using colored pencils.

  38. My husband got me prismacolor pencils and markers as a push present after having our 4th child. I dont have a coloring book though. I’d love one. I think they are a great idea. Coloring brings me peace. Especially helpful with 4 kids.

  39. When using adult coloring books with small spaces, I use colored pencils. If I’m coloring with my daughter in a kid’s book, I use crayons. I LOVE to color. This new adult coloring craze is right up my alley.

  40. i have some great markers that i use. i don’t let the kids use them 🙂 I really enjoy adult coloring books, it is relaxing and great when waiting for kids

  41. I bought myself a very nice colored pencil set that I use to color on my own (which I thoroughly enjoy). But I will color with crayons with my kids.

  42. I like to use colored pencils when I do any coloring. I do like what they call the adult coloring books. Everyone enjoys coloring .

  43. I like to use all of them; markers, colored pencils and crayons. I love ‘regular’ coloring and adult coloring books.

  44. As a teacher, I like to color. I like colored pencils, crayons, felt pens–you name it! Thanks!!

  45. I use both colored pencils and markers. I enjoy adult coloring books… and sometimes, I enjoy kiddie coloring too.

  46. My go to for coloring is pencils, but crayons will do too. Especially if I’m coloring with my son.

  47. Colored Pencils are my favorite, but crayons and markers are awesome too! I usually just color in the coloring books that my kids are using, but I’d love one of my own.

  48. I love adult coloring books and for that I prefer pencils but if I am coloring with the kids I prefer crayons.

  49. Yes, adult coloring does interest me! Sometimes when I’ve colored with my young kiddos, I’ve even commented on just how much of a stress reliever it really is! I usually just use crayons because that’s what my kids use, but I’d probably rather use colored pencils and or markers… 🙂

  50. I have just recently discovered adult coloring and find it very relaxing I love to use the pencils and love the deliciously of the pictures

  51. I use colored pens and sometimes pencils. i love adult coloring books, they help me relax

  52. Adult coloring is a new hobby of mine and I love it! I like to use colored pencils and fine point markers.

  53. I love to color, and find it very relaxing. I use pencils, and markers together. The markers add depth to my pictures.

  54. Adult coloring does interest me, but I haven’t bought any books. Sometimes I just doodle with whatever is closest to me like a colored pen.

  55. I usually use color pencils. Sometimes markers if I want a really bold look to the picture. And I love adult coloring books! They are so relaxing! The mandala ones are my favorite!

  56. I have a couple of adult coloring books and I use pencils.This looks like a cool book!

  57. I haven’t bought an adult coloring book yet but its something I would definitely enjoy! I would use pencils. 🙂

  58. Adult coloring does interest me, my daughter enjoys coloring. We use colored pencils or markers.

  59. I use water color pencils which gives me the option to use a wet paint brush to smooth out my lines. Thanks for sharing.

  60. I never stopped coloring! I’ve always loved it and I’m loving all the new style coloring books coming out now. My favorite thing to use is colored pencils.

  61. I don’t use any of these. My niece love this kind of stuff so I’m winning it for her.
    Thanks for the contest.

  62. Adult coloring books are a neat idea. I’ve never colored with anything other than crayons, so that’s probably what I would use.

  63. I love to color, and I at least try to be an adult.. one certain days. I generally use color pencils, they are easier to keep harp and get in the tight spots.

  64. I use colored pencils because I like to be able to blend and I like being able to get into some really tiny spots (which you cannot do with crayons or markers). I love coloring; I used to color throughout grad school as a way to relieve stress and kept a stack of coloring books in my office for students and my fellow grad students to enjoy whenever they wanted.

  65. I love coloring painting drawing, its my life. I use paints- watercolor, acrylic, colored pencils, pencils sometimes even markers and crayons, and yes, adult coloring does interest me.

    • oops when i first posted the comment it said it was a duplicate so i posted another one but i guess the 1st one was alright, sorry i didnt mean to post two of them

  66. I loooooooooove coloring painting drawing, its my life. I use paints- watercolor, acrylic, colored pencils, pencils sometimes even markers and crayons, and yes, adult coloring does interest me.

  67. I’ve never stopped coloring. Only now there are coloring books that I actually love. It’s nice to finally have options. I use colored pencils and occasionally ink pens.

  68. I have actually not had the chance to get into coloring, but it interests the heck outta me! I need a book! I prefer to draw with actual paint, so I think colored pencils would be best for shading.

  69. I love to use colored pencils to color! And I think the adult coloring books are great!

  70. I love adult coloring. I use colored pencils and gel pens. I love trying new ways of coloring.

  71. In just bought my first 2 “adult” coloring books. I’ve tried crayons, markers and colored pencils with them. This is a COOL booklet you are giving away. GREAT idea! Thanks and God bless!

  72. These Adult Coloring Books fascinate me! I would use Colored Pencils…this Postcard Book is so awesome!!

  73. Adult coloring does interest me. I’ve never done it before. But, I think using markers would be great.

  74. I love adult coloring, the books are so intricate and challenging. I like to use pencils when I color.

  75. I love using colored pencils and crayons! I still color with my daughter but haven’t “graduated” to adult books yet LOL

  76. I like using everything as long a the markers don’t run .Yes I love adult coloring

  77. I love coloring. I tend to really use a combination of pencils, markers, and crayons. I really prefer pencils or crayons because you can tone shades better.

  78. I use watercolor pencils when I color. And yes, I love to do adult coloring, so does my daughter.

  79. I just got back into coloring. It’s a nice calm thing to sit with the kids and each color in our own books. Definitely coloring pencils.

  80. I love to color with crayons, but I am very interested in the new coloring books for adults so I would try colored pencils. Thank you!

  81. Yes, coloring is an easy stress reliever. There are some great you tube videos about pencil blending methods

  82. Yes, coloring is an easy stress reliever. There are some great you tube videos about pencil blending methods.

  83. I use markers and adult coloring is great, you are focused on that and not other things. Its a real stress relief.

  84. I like to print adult coloring pages off my computer and some princess ones for my daughter, then we color together 🙂 Usually with markers or crayons.

  85. I love using crayons and colored pencils. I will switch on and off. I have always loved coloring, so adult coloring sounds awesome!

  86. Yes, Adult Coloring does interest me… A few of my Friends are doing it, and I would love to try it, it would be great for relaxing after the day, or maybe on a weekend when you have nothing to do…. would love to try looks like lots of fun!!!

  87. i love to color. I like to use markers and pencils most of the time, but I also like to use crayons. thanks for the chance

  88. I mostly use color pencils and markers:) I love adult coloring books! Just bought one for myself last week:))

  89. I use pencils to color. I love coloring. It helps to calm me down. I can focus on just filling in blank space and creating in the simplest of ways.