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Mermaid Adventure Books
Review & Giveaway

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Mermaid Adventure Books
Review & Giveaway

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Holiday Contest and Sweeps recently had the pleasure to review the amazing collection of Mermaid Books from Enchantails. Each book will take your child on a adventure they will enjoy more than once. Every little girl dreams of mermaids and these books will expand their imaginations even more. Reading is critical in the development of our children who have become dependent upon their laptops, computers and other electronic devices rather than picking up a book and reading it.

Winner must reside in the Continental United States and be 18+ years of age to be eligible to win.

Let’s Take A Look At Each Book:
Smart, outgoing, and artistic, Tasi is much more interested in hunting for treasures and creating art with her Sea Buddy Copper, the tiger tail seahorse, than she is being a Royal Daughter. But the other merfolk in the Mariana Realm are builders and don’t understand Tasi’s talent. A mermaid named Fan is determined to get Tasi in trouble before she can impress her father the king. Tasi has a chance to prove her gift is more than a silly hobby when an explosion of lava threatens the castle. Will she be able to rally the help she needs in time to save
her family from the danger from the deep? Or will Fan succeed in making Tasi look like a fool in front of the entire kingdom?

Lucienne is an adventurous mermaid who often forgets she a Royal Daughter. She regularly gets into trouble for her escapades. She tries to relate to the other mermaids of the Grileglas Realm, but doesn’t feel she fits in. One day she meets a boy named Leo, an outcast in the realm. Leo belongs to a dangerous merpod of leopard boys who find adventure in seal racing. Lucienne and Leo thinks their relationship is harmless until Lucienne’s Sea Buddy, a Gentoo Penguin named Prince, becomes bait for the next seal race. It’s up to Lucienne to save Prince in time. Will Leo honor their friendship and help Lucienne? Or will he side with the leopard boys and allow both of them to become trapped.

Kelani is kind, spirited royal mermaid who seeks out adventures on her secret
island. A deadly adventure interrupts her usual tranquil visits to her hideaway
with her Sea Buddy Kelki, an endangered Maui Dolphin. Uninvited guests discover
her lagoon and begin to destroy the island. Kelani makes an unlikely friendship and
faces her greatest fear in the form of air-breathers (humans). Can Kelani save her island?
Can she keep her realm a secret? Or will the air-breathers ruin her island and expose her


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