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Empatia Coffee is a brand new coffee company that provides both a subscription service and a single purchase option. It was founded in 2016 by Scott Nelson, who left his Wall Street career for new opportunities and moved to Columbia. Empatia Coffee was born from Scott’s desire to provide coffee drinkers with the very best coffee while at the same time using fair trade practices to improve the  economic lives of coffee farmers. 

You can enjoy this exceptional coffee at home knowing that Empatia Coffee uses a “Pour-Back” profit-sharing model, giving back 15% of their profits to the farmers who grow their coffee. Plus, they pay premiums for their bean in excess of Fair Trade prices. Their goal is to constantly introduce and ship new coffees from all over Latin America and share the farm stories with our customers. 

 Empatia Coffee’s Mission

“To source and roast exceptional coffee that anyone can easily order to their homes, while using our “Pour-Back” profit-sharing model and our focus on transparency to bridge the gap between you and your farmers and heighten your coffee drinking experience. “
The Coffee of the Month (May 2017) is Finca La Cabana, a 100% Single-Estate Arabica specialty coffee with the farmer’s name right on the label. 
Sarah’s Review

The Finca La Cabana is a lovely coffee that is well-balanced and flavorful. I believe this is a medium-bodied roast and has a very mild acidity with no distinguishable bitterness. The mouth feel is smooth and creamy. I tasted bright, fruity notes especially at the finish, mostly of apple.

Overall, I feel the Finca La Cabana yields a clean, smooth cup of coffee that exceeds standards of your everyday-coffee drinker — all without being pretentious. The ground coffee worked well for both drip and french press. I highly recommend this coffee!

Purchase Empatia Coffee

12 oz. makes roughly 25 – 30 cups, depending on cup size

One-time purchase – 12 oz. bag (whole bean or ground) $13.99

*Past months coffees will be available as far as supply remains.

Two subscription options are available: 

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Billing & shipping occurs each month on the day of initial purchase. (Note: during start-up phase, shipping will be on Mondays & Thursdays) Ships to US only.

Starter – 1 (12 oz.) bag/month $12.99

Explorer – 2 (12 oz.) bags/month $23.98 ($11.99/bag)

If you have a small business, Empatia Coffee will be glad to come up with customized subscription plan to fit your coffee needs! There is a contact form right on the website.

Along with your bag of excellent, single estate, micro-lot coffee, you will receive a collector’s card that tells you about your coffee and the farmer who grew the beans!

“So you can appreciate the farm while you’re enjoying your coffee!”

 Pure, single-estate Arabica coffee with no flavor infusion! The notes shown on the label are to help you find of some of the subtle complexities that the beans naturally exhibit. 

The Giveaway

Do you love coffee like we do? One very lucky person will win a two months’ subscription of fair trade coffee from Empatia Coffee!! Enter our giveaway on the form below!

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Empatia Coffee Review & Giveaway — 66 Comments

  1. Empatia Coffee traces its humble beginnings to Colombia, where founder Scott Nelson moved after walking away from his Wall Street job in early 2016. After spending time exploring the country and learning firsthand about the economic adversities that coffee farmers face

    i just love coffee though

  2. I like that not only are the beans used in their coffee fair trade, they also give 15% back to farmers.

  3. I like that they freshly roast the coffee and it can be delivered right to your door. I also like that they give back because not many companies do that.

  4. They believe that profit sharing and transparency are key elements to help make coffee farming more viable for growers.

  5. I am alway loyal and support companies that promote goodwill and out reach!
    As they do with giving back 15 percent of proceeds to the indigenous farmers!
    Gott love that.

  6. I love that this coffee has mild acidity which is important to my starch health. What a great overall mission as well.

  7. Three reasons why they value transparancy:

    Empowerment – Avoiding marginalization of the farmers by giving them a voice and showing appreciation for their hard work
    Awareness – Giving you greater ability to learn about the process but also hold us accountable
    Experience – Knowing the story behind your coffee and being able to close your eyes and imagine the farm completely changes the way you experience your coffee.

  8. remind people that coffee taste is extremely subjective. Therefore, always experiment with the variables to identify the brewing technique that works for you.

  9. I think it’s wonderful that they give back 15% of their profits to the farmers they work with in addition to paying premiums for their beans in excess of Fair Trade prices.

  10. I liked and learned that they give 15% of profits to the farmers in addition to paying premiums for their in excess of Fair Trade prices!

  11. The fair trade percentage is cool. I also appreciate the description of the apple finish, coffee’s that end with a fruity flavor i tend to like

  12. I really liked and learned that Empatian gives back 15% of their profits back to the farmers they work with.

  13. I find sharing some of the profits with the farmer is refreshing. You do not here that done very often. This coffee really looks very good. My husband loves Colombian coffee!!

  14. I learned that Empatia Coffee gives back 15% of their profits to the farmers in addition to paying premiums for the beans in excess of Fair Trade prices. Also, I learned empatia means empathy in Spanish.

  15. I love that they share some profits with the farmers and you can get a single order if you are not ready for a subscription.

  16. I learned about Arabica coffee (Due to its mild characteristics in the cup (i.e. once roasted and brewed), Arabica tends to be seen as the superior coffee species. Add the increased complexity and costs associated with harvesting Arabica coffee and you generally find that it commands a noticeable premium above Robusta in the marketplace.) quoted from Empatia coffee blog.

  17. I learned that founder Scott Nelson moved after walking away from his Wall Street job in early 2016. After spending time exploring the country and learning firsthand about the economic adversities that coffee farmers face, he decided to pursue a coffee venture.

  18. I like the Coffee Basics page I found it very interesting. Going from the coffee cherries to what we can order.

  19. I learned that Empatia Coffee limits themselves exclusively to coffees that fall in the specialty category, meaning that they display very low levels of defects and produce unique, well-developed flavors and aromas.

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