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Welcome to the A Fresh Start Giveaway Hop hosted by MamatheFox! Get the New Year started with a chance to win some fun new prizes! Be sure to come back for your daily entries to increase your chances of winning!

Our giveaway for this giveaway hop is a 2016/2017 Classic Happy Planner and a set of 5 highlighting markers. One lucky winner will win both items! Good luck!!

Me and My BIG Ideas – Classic Happy Planner Hello Life

This is an 18 month planner dated from July 2016 through December 2017 that includes “creative and inspirational” artwork for you to enjoy as you plan. It has monthly and weekly calendar pages, dividers and lots of space for your planning and scheduling.

See the review HERE.

Me And My BIG Ideas – The Happy Planner Highlighters

Five vibrant colors for highlighting in your planner. Each highlighter has a fun message printed along the side.

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Create 365 Planner & Markers Giveaway! — 176 Comments

  1. The feature I need the most is that the space is big enough on the day that I can easily write in appointments without trying to crowd the information.

  2. I look for a planner that has spots large enough for me to write multiple things in one day… I need a planner than can hold all the extra curricular stuff my kids do, appointments, etc!

  3. I love to have a single calendar and the individual days. I use mine because I create my own schedule at work so the calendar lets me see Gerry day I’m working in one shot. Individual days are for appointments for my four kids and other activities.

  4. A planner that fits in my purse, or on the wall without being too big, yet has plenty of room to write many tasks.
    Thanks for the chance.

  5. I love a planner with a layout of the month as well as individual weeks, with lines to write in the specific event or occasion.

  6. The features I rely on most in a planner is the to do list section and space to write down extra notes.

  7. Like big open spaces so I can make a lot of notes. I like something that is high-quality and won’t fall apart and made a year. I like something colorful as well.

  8. I like a To Do List on a planner as well as Contact Info. Of course, the calendar is also useful for reminders of appointments.

  9. I need a planner with a calendar, space to write daily duties and has fun and colorful options and/or themes.

  10. I love a planner with space and areas I can jot notes and info I may need at a later date!

  11. I want a planner that has enough space for my blog life and personal life — on separate pages. It’s hard to find one.

  12. So awesome! I love it! I look for a planner with plenty of space for me to write and also to do lists or note sections to the side are great!

  13. My planner needs enough space to write down the whole familys appointments, and has to be cute/fun/interesting enough for me to want to keep it out on the desk.

  14. No clue what to rely on. It would be a new hobby for me that would hopefully keep me orgsnized.

  15. With a busy family of 6 its the To Do list spot so I can write EVERYTHING I need to do down.

  16. The feature I rely most on in a planner is tabs. Colored tabs help me stay organized.

  17. I like to have a lot of room to write and one that has a to do list so I can jot down things I need to pick up at the grocery store.

  18. For a planner to be useful, I need a space for each day to record the planned events and appointments.

  19. I need a large space for keeping track of client work. I could have a dozen or more projects in a day and I have a system in place for keeping track of what has been completed and what needs to be paid. Daily entries with large fields is my favorite planner feature.

  20. I rely a lot on the monthly overview….so I can see at a glance what’s happening.

  21. I like to have very large print and lot’s of space in my planners, they have’t to be cute as well. lol

  22. The calendar monthly view. I use it for all my kids schedules, my appointments, and to make sure I don’t double book myself or my family. I also use the daily list to make sure I do what I need that day

  23. The ability to see days in advance, which is why I like paper organizers so much.

  24. I need a layout big enough for me to draw all over my mistakes so I can keep the calendar looking neat as I correct my oops LOL Love this idea!

  25. I need extra lines or blank pages or notes and reminders and plenty of space to write!

  26. I love having space for each day – no small sections or small tiny places to write. I like to write a lot!

  27. I definitely need space to write notes, additional dates to remember, grocery list and so on. I’ve always been a note-taker but the older I get the more I forget so I always have planners nearby!

  28. I want a planner that is not huge, but has enough room in it to put the few things I need to keep up with.

  29. What features I rely on the most in a planner is inspirational pages and extra blank pages for memos.

  30. Space to allow me to write things down in for the day, such as a list, or things I need to get done

  31. The features I rely on the most in a planner are the monthly/weekly layouts, the To Do Lists and Notes sections along with extra space. Also, being able to make the planner my own by using stickers and designs.

  32. I need a planner with enough room to write. I have three active kids so a lot goes on daily.

  33. I need a planner roomy enough to keep the lives of all 8 of us(me, hubby, 5 kids, and 1 kitten) in order.

  34. I love a planner with space for notes, I’m so forgetful that I NEED somewhere to write things down. I also love when it has enough space to write down all the things I need to do for my whole family.

  35. I love being able to have space to write everything I need to write but also have it small enough to carry around everywhere

  36. Honestly I rely on everything! I guess I’d have to say I rely on the monthly view section the most to keep track of everything I need to do in a certain month at a whole. Bills, appointments, tv shows I want to watch, that kind of thing.

  37. I really like a check off list! I feel better if I can actually see my list being taken care of. It makes me feel like I am achieving something! haha Happy New Year everyone!

  38. I rely on the weekly date feature with lots of space to write all of my assignments, due dates, and appointments.

  39. I love a planner that has each month with weekly and daily sections! I love planners they really keep me on top of my tasks at hand! Love planners that have lists sections cause I’m always forgetting my lists!

  40. I am not sure what to call the features I need most in a planner. Clarity? Ability to customize? Space? I like to make detailed notes so I need something big enough that allows me to scribble all my notes and still be legible. I love it when a layout flows and makes sense too. Both are needed to help keep me and my family on track and on schedule.

  41. I need a monthly calendar and a daily calendar, so I can look at the big picture and daily activities. I also need a place to make lists 🙂

  42. I need the days/weeks to have enough space to write in without it being crowded. I also like to have a place along the side to jot down some notes.

  43. I like a planner that has blank pages because when I am writing my schedule I tend to think of things I need to do or appointments I need to make or grocery shopping I need to do.

  44. I like there to be big boxes to write in rather than lines but will use lines if I have to

  45. I like the planner to be at least 5 x 7 in size and nice open space to write it my dates.

  46. I tend to need full pages that I can make lists on rather than smaller boxes. Having the space to think creatively about my time and obligations is important.

  47. I look for a planner that has spots large enough for me to write multiple things in one day

  48. Looks real easy to use, simple big spaces and highlighters to add the color. Maybe this is the year I will be organized. (LOL)

  49. I like being able to see the whole month at once, but with plenty of room to write everything down.

  50. I like a planner to remind me of holidays. I also like them to be cheery, not just a black cover planner.

  51. A good planner needs to have enough space for me to write the things I need in and also be able to find the weekdays and months ahead easily.

  52. I need to be able to write multiple things on days because I run a plumbing company and schedule multiple things on every day!

  53. I look for a planner that has a phone book in it and room to make notes on the people I put in it. I like large spaces on my dates to be able to write multiple appointments in the box

  54. I look for enough space to write (can’t stand small areas)and being able to get extra pages, and for sure a telephone book. Those things written down because I know I’m guilty of not having numbers written down and let me not have the cellphone for some reason and be stuck somewhere–that would be my luck. haha

  55. The main feature I look for in a planner or calendar is large writing spaces. I want a place big enough for more than one or two lines of notes. My planners usually get used for journaling as well.

  56. I have to have enough space to write on each day. Another thing I look for is how easily it is to look at the month, week, etc.

  57. The feature That I rely on most in a planner are large areas that I can write my comments for the day.

  58. I rely on the month at a glance part where it shows what’s happening the whole month before going into weekly, since with 5 kids at 3 different schools, dr apps, and what not it makes it easier when needing to schedule other things.

  59. The features that I rely on most on a planner are the organizational factor and ease of read.

  60. I need space to write rather it be in the date itself or in a note section for each date. I also like holidays on the calendar.