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Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes are released periodically through Citrus Lane’s website and are advertised as being valued at double the listed price. These boxes are usually promoted for specific age groups by gender. This one-time purchase includes a featured item (displayed on the listing) as well as 3-4 additional age-appropriate “mystery” goodies.

The Homespun Chics paid for this subscription. All opinions offered are 100% our own without endorsement or compensation from any company.



2015.09 CLMB WM.01

September 2015 Mystery Box for 2-Year Old Boy

Mom surprised Little G with this Mystery Box from Citrus Lane and he couldn’t have been happier! He was so excited to see this ever-recognizable brown and yellow box in her hands that he hardly acknowledged anyone else existed. (Grandma – 1  Mommy – 0)

She purchased a $24.00 box geared towards 2-year old boys.

Let’s take a peek inside!

Unlike the monthly subscription boxes, the mystery box does not contain a card describing each item.

2015.09 CLMB WM.03

 Aqueduck Faucet Extender – Value:  $9.99

This is perfect for our little guy! Little G has learned to wash his hands independently using the shorter sinks at preschool (how cool!), but while home he isn’t able to reach the water on his own. The faucet extender fits most bathroom faucets, is easy to attach and remove, and is dishwasher safe. This gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Skip Hop Zoo Travel Neckrest (Monkey) – Value:  $13.00

I have seen these cute pillows at stores and online and was tempted to pick one up for Little G, but he is really finicky when it comes to placing anything around his head or neck. I was prepared to gift this to one of Little G’s friends in the future but to my great surprise, Little G asked Jonathan to take the neckrest out of the packaging. While I was away at orchestra rehearsal, he proceeded to carry it all over the house and wear it around his neck! He LOVES this cute little monkey and even brought it into bed for naptime. We have not taken it on the road yet, but I am sure it will come in handy during those long days running errands.

2015.09 CLMB WM.05

Alphasaurus Book by Megan E. Bryant – Value:  $7.33

This book is adorable and perfect for two-year olds… the only catch is being able to pronunce the dinosaur names! This is definitely a book for Jonathan to read to Little G since he is the resident expert in dinosaurs at our house (someone was a bit obsessed with Jurassic Park earlier in life). The alliteration is great and there is a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet. Alphasaurus is just one book in a four-part series including Countasaurus, Shapeasaurus, and Colorasaurus. This is definitely worth the read for all of the little dinosaur lovers out there!

2015.09 CLMB WM.07

Crocodile Creek 5″ Playground Ball (Monkey) – Value:  $9.99

This is a heavy duty, textured rubber playground ball that is safe for both indoor and outdoor play! It has passed the Little G indoor danger test with (mostly) flying colors. Our television, fish tank, windows, and bookshelf remain intact and in good working order. This 5″ ball is the perfect size for little hands and has vivid colors and fun designs. We received this ball in a previous Citrus Lane box, so we will be gifting this to one of Little G’s friends.

2015.09 CLMB WM.06

Melissa & Doug Chunky Puzzle (Construction) – Value:  $9.99

Mom chose the mystery box based on this featured item. Little G has five other Melissa & Doug puzzles that he loves taking apart and putting back together. Chunky Puzzles are wonderful for play since each piece is wide enough to stand up on its own and can be used outside of the puzzle as individual toys. We have used these puzzles (sometimes all at once!) for counting and identifying shapes, animals, colors, and objects. Little G fell in love with a book about construction vehicles from a previous Citrus Lane box, so mom knew this would be the perfect mystery box for him!

Mystery Box Total Value:  $50.30

2015.09 CLMB WM.08

Our Thoughts:

After utilizing the box’s contents for a little over a week now, I can say with certainty that we are quite pleased with everything that we received! Little G is beyond happy with his puzzle, still carries the neckrest from room to room, and washes his hands like a PRO. It’s hilarious for Jonathan and I to stumble over dinosaur names (while Little G stares at us awkwardly) and I am more than happy to add the playground ball to our designated “future gift” closet to have on-hand for upcoming birthday parties and holidays.

Mom received a total value of $50.30 for her full purchase price of $24.00 (plus $4.95 s/h).

Citrus Lane definitely holds up on the promise to have twice as much value in these mystery boxes, but in my opinion, the real value is watching Little G’s face light up when he sees the brown and yellow package, knowing it is just for him.

What do you think of the Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes? Let us know with a comment down below!

Sarah & Little G



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