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Chocolate Grog – A Grown Up Chocolate Pudding

They say the first step to managing your addiction is to admit you have one. I have to own up to mine, though I don’t think I want to manage it tooo well! Life without chocolate would be tough!

Here is an old chocolate pudding blender recipe that I adapted a bit to modern times and my family’s taste buds. Originally the directions were to just add the raw egg yolks into the pudding but we don’t do that anymore. This pudding is easy to make, always well received and, like everything in life and especially chocolate, better with some whipped cream on top! I would not offer it to young children due to the rum.


  • 1 ¼ cups half and half
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 3 Tbsp rum



Heat the half & half in a saucepan until very hot but not boiling.  While the milk is heating up, stir up the egg yolks well.

Temper the egg yolks before adding them to the hot milk. To do this, add a little hot milk to the egg yolks and stir. This should keep the eggs from scrambling when you add them to the hot milk. Then pour the whole thing into the hot milk in the saucepan and stir while the milk & egg mixture simmers for a few minutes to cook the eggs. If they do scramble, run them through a strainer before adding to the other ingredients.

Put the chocolate chips and rum into the blender bowl. Add the eggy milk and blend.

Pour the pudding into small bowls or demitasse cups as it is very rich. Refrigerate about 3 hours until set.  Top with whipped cream!




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  1. oooh I love this recipe. I do make homemade pudding and never thought to add a little rum. I want to try this grown-up pudding!

  2. Oh, I bet adding flavored rum would be delicious too, like coconut rum for chocolate coconut pudding!

  3. We always have an adult Christmas party, and I can’t wait to add this recipe to it. I’m sure it will be a yearly staple from now on.

  4. We do the adult Christmas get together and I am looking forward to my aunt making this. It is sure to be a hit.

  5. This sounds pretty good! It’s a little different, but still sounds like a good traditional Christmas recipe!

  6. This sounds very delicious! and something I will be trying real soon, since most of my guest love chocolate 🙂 hehe

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  8. Haha girl me too!! Chocolate addict till I die!! I eat it every day in some amount!! <3 This sounds like its going on my life of nighttime desserts!! Can't wait to try it!!

  9. Great for a grown up dinner party! And it seems easy to make and that’s important if you have very little time to put a dinner together.

  10. I’m a chocoholic too and this recipe sounds amazing. I don’t drink much but adding the rum is worth a try.
    Thanks 🙂

  11. yum! I was looking for something to make for tomorrow for my lunch with my daughters and now I think I just found it,, Love the rum part lol

  12. This looks and sounds delicious . I like to eat my homemade pudding when still warm . Im not one that likes rum so I would let that out. Now I see why its an adult pudding. thanks for the recipe.

  13. This looks like a very great dessert recipe for chocolate lover in me. I am trying your special recipe tomorrow for a get together.

  14. This sounds delish! 🙂 I love grown up versions of kid favorites!

  15. First: Awesome recipe. (Dark rum, I presume?) And I LOVE the choco chips on the saucer, for presentation! Cute cute cute.

    • Oops, I didn’t mean to comment under “Anonymous!” …Must have been too psyched about this recipe to check it over. 🙂

  16. Yum! This looks absolutely delicious. I’m going to try this recipe – thanks!

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  18. This looks so rich and divine. I bet it’s a thousand times better than store bought.

  19. This looks delicious. I have never heard of this recipe before, but most definitely have to try it.

  20. This sounds so good. I cannot wait to give this recipe a try. Thank you so much for sharing

  21. Its so good to find someone else who shares my worship of chocolate! Your recipe appeals to me because the ingredients are few and its not complicated to make! I also love the picture of your chocolate creation!

  22. Thanks So Much for Sharing This Amazing Recipe for Chocolate Grog, it Looks and Sounds Delicious! I Absolutely Love Chocolate and I Have the Biggest Sweet Tooth So This is Right Up My Alley! Ever Since I Was a Little Girl I Have Always Loved Chocolate Pudding and This Version Sounds Even Better Than the Kid Friendly Version! I Will Definitely Save This Recipe for Later So Thanks Again for Sharing! Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

  23. This looks and sounds awesome! Thanks for the recipe!!! Here at my house we love chocolate!