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The BEST Pork Chops and Gravy!

Want to fix the BEST pork chops and gravy (ever) in your crock pot?

These pork chops are easy to prepare, cooked slowly, and come out of the crock pot just tender and delicious! The recipe is from a page torn out of a long forgotten magazine and tucked into my recipe box from many years ago. My husband and all of my kids love it! And I apparently am incapable of fixing a meal without onions and garlic, so be forewarned!

The BEST Pork Chops ingredients


  • ½ cup flour
  • 1 ½ tsp dry mustard
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 5 or 6 (1 inch thick) lean pork chops – I use boneless
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 (10 ½ oz) can condensed chicken broth, undiluted
  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil

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Combine first 4 ingredients in a shallow bowl, dredge chops in flour mixture, set aside.

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Whisk together remaining flour mixture and chicken broth.

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Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and cook chops in hot oil just until browned on both sides.

The BEST Pork Chops slow cooking in the crockpot

Place chopped onion and garlic in crock pot, followed by flour/chicken broth mixture. Place pork chops in crock pot, making sure they are in the broth.

Cook, covered, on high for 2 – 2 ½ hours until tender. Serve with hot rice or mashed potatoes.

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Yay!! Another generation loving these tasty and tender pork chops in gravy! This meal is definitely toddler-approved. Little G ate every bite and even wanted seconds!   🙂




The BEST Pork Chops and Gravy Crock Pot Recipe — 25 Comments

  1. We always make the same pork recipe over and over…this would be a refreshing change!! Plus I love anything I can stick in my crock pot!!

  2. Just last week I was wondering if pork chops would get fully cooked in the crock pot. I’m glad to hear that they can be made that way and this sounds delicious!

  3. This looks so good, I don’t have a slow cooker yet, but I started looking for one. I want to make this!

  4. I recently bought a crock pot from a thrift store for $5(nothing fancy but works great — I figure either donor never used or upgraded)that I have only used a few times.

    I am CONSTANTLY clipping recipes out of magazines but most are just languishing in storage. I really need to start testing them.

    I love pork chops and gravy. My mom used to make a similar recipe on the stove.

  5. I love pork chops. I never thought about making them in the crock pot before though. Great idea!

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  10. Thank you for this recipe. I can’t wait to try it this week. I’m always looking for new Crock Pot recipes to help us eat healthy in our busy home – especially recipes my picky kiddos will eat 🙂
    I also believe that I’m incapable of cooking without garlic & onion, so this looks perfect!

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  13. Ooh Thanks So Much for Sharing This Recipe for Pork Chops & Gravy, it Looks & Sounds Amazing! It’s So Funny b/c I Don’t Like Pork Except for Pork Chops, I Love Pork Chops! I’m Just Not a Fan of Bacon, Sausage, or Barbecue! Your Pork Chops Do Sound Delicious Though and I Will Definitely Have to Save This Recipe for Future Reference! Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

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